Point of Sales terminals

The eBanco services include different mobile operated POS terminals with merchant administration, connected to external companies with financial approvals for high speed payments with contact less NFC, chip or magstrip payments. Our POS terminals process most world-wide bank cards supporting different currencies and are EMV and PCI approved.

Available merchant and POS services:

  • Payment with NFC, chip or magstrip cards, local debit cards, Visa, MasterCard or Union Pay
  • Withdrawal of cash from merchant with onetime SMS code or fingerprint
  • Deposit of cash to merchant with onetime SMS code or fingerprint
  • Remittance of gold to family or other eBanco gold account holders
  • Online gold to currency exchange rates
  • Cashiers login to merchant gold account
  • Payment splitter to different gold accounts
  • Customer receipt from connected smart phone printer
  • Test of POS device, GPRS communication
  • Online upload of new firmware
  • Online log of POS handling
  • Cashier logout report

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